Benefits of the HCG Diet

Minneapolis HCG diet doctors, Lisa Erhard M.D. and Mark Erhard M.D. at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa use the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) hormone that occurs naturally in women’s bodies during pregnancy as part of a medical weight loss plan in men and in women who are not pregnant. The HCG hormone works in conjunction with the hypothalamus and metabolism to help men and women lose weight.

As the hormone interacts with the metabolism, patients observing a low-calorie diet as part of an HCG diet plan are able to experience amazing weight loss results as the HCG hormone targets stored body fat to be burned for energy and nutrients. The HCG diet is different from any other diet plan available today as it encourages rapid weight loss while preserving muscle mass and providing sustainable weight loss results that are safe and natural.

Benefits of Medical Weight Loss with HCG

If you are looking to lose that extra 15-20 pounds, or if you have been diagnosed as clinically obese and are needing to lose a significant amount of weight, Lisa Erhard M.D. and Mark Erhard M.D. in Minneapolis can customize an HCG medical weight loss plan for your body’s needs.

Some of the benefits of losing weight with an HCG diet

Renewed confidence – Losing weight and getting a firmer, leaner body can greatly improve self-image and translates into greater confidence at work, in relationships and in the dressing room.

Decreased risk of diabetes – Losing weight and changing your diet is known to prevent several types of diabetes and can be essential to managing pre-existing diabetes.

Healthier relationships – Studies have shown that a healthy individual who is confident in how they look and who feels great about themselves will form stronger relationships at work, at home and in intimacy.

Improved heart health – Heart disease is among the leading causes of death for Americans today. Losing weight with an HCG diet can eliminate excess fat buildups that can restrict blood flow, greatly reducing the risk of heart disease and improving the overall effectiveness and efficiency of cardiac function.

Improved liver function – A healthy diet is directly connected to a healthy liver. A diet heavy in fats, sugars and oils can cause serious liver complications especially when combined with excess body fat. A fatty liver is not able to clean the blood as effectively as it should, which can lead to further complications down the road such as liver disease.

Increased energy levels – Losing weight with an HCG diet can leave the body with extra energy now that it no longer needs to haul around that extra fat all day! This energy can be used for harder workouts, more family time, or that extra push you needed to make the most out of your afternoons at the office.

The Benefits of Medical Supervision

In addition to the benefits listed above, one substantial benefit of an HCG diet program is that your doctor will be supervising and guiding you along your weight loss journey. Before you start the HCG diet, Lisa Erhard M.D. and Mark Erhard M.D. in Minneapolis will meet with you to gain a better understanding of your health history and challenges with weight loss. They will perform a full examination to ensure that you are healthy enough to participate in a short-term low-calorie diet plan.

Receiving the HCG injections under medical supervision is the only safe, effective and legal way to go about it. Contact Minneapolis HCG diet doctors, Lisa Erhard M.D. and Mark Erhard M.D. at Wayzata Cosmetic Surgery & Spa today to learn how you can get the most out of an HCG diet program designed for you.

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